Snow Play Activities

We would like classes to have the opportunity for constructive snow play if conditions on the playground or field are deemed safe should we have significant snow.  Should this situation arise a risk assessment will be undertaken and a decision made on the day by Mr Hawley in consultation with staff.  This decision will be reviewed on a daily basis depending on the snow conditions.  In order for children to participate in their class snow play activity they must have the following clothing and footwear:
  • Warm coat 
  • Wellington boots (names) with peg to attach boots together
  • Change of footwear for indoors
  • Gloves
  • Hat 
If you do not want your child(ren) to be included in this activity should the situation arise please let your child's teacher or the school office know.  If you have any queries regarding this please speak to either Mr Hawley or your child's class teacher.