Saxons in Kingfishers


September 2019

30th September 2019

Our Kingfishers Class took part in an Anglo-Saxon Day this past Monday and were fortunate enough to receive an Anglo-Saxon visitor in the school. This hands-on day allowed the children to examine what life for Anglo-Saxons was like – considering home life, religion, work and battle! Experiences such as these really help to build the children’s enthusiasm for their learning, enrich our curriculum offer, and provide the children with positive, long-lasting, memories of their childhood at Debden. A big thank you to Mr Brown, the Kingfishers team, our admin staff for organising this day. Also, a huge thank you to FODS who contributed to the cost of the day, therefore reducing the cost to parents. 

Chloe said ‘Yesterday, we were visited by a Saxon because our topic is the Saxons.  He brought in a shield, a sword and lots of other Saxon artefacts.   In the afternoon, he told us the story of Beowulf, but we didn’t understand the beginning because it was in old English’.