Our Subject Leader for History is Mrs Hatch.

We teach History at our school in a way that inspires our children to want to know about the past. The curriculum includes historical events that have occurred from the earliest times to the present day. Our children are encouraged to consider these times and how people’s lives have been influenced as a result. Children develop an in-depth understanding of British history, whilst also exploring aspects of history from each continent of the wider world (intertwining with, and strengthened by, their corresponding Geography study).

We have devised a complete range of knowledge organisers, which develop children's knowledge in six recurring strands: architecture, monarchies, social structure, daily life, religion and conflict. They also map out the key vocabulary that children are expected to develop at each stage. Simultaneously, our skills maps ensure that children develop their chronological understanding and methods of historical enquiry.

Please see the key documents below to gain a greater insight into how History is taught and developed at our school.