At Debden Church of England Primary Academy, all of our curriculum disciplines are used to underpin our school vision, which is to ensure that the children in our care:


- Progress exceptionally well academically, across a broad and knowledge-rich curriculum;

- Develop into confident compassionate, well-rounded individuals, in a safe, caring, Christian environment;

- Become equipped with the learning skills needed to deal with future challenges;

- Create happy, positive memories of their childhood. 


Our curriculum offer is imaginative, engaging, broad and balanced. Every facet of our curriculum has been carefully and collaboratively constructed, through close consideration of both the expectations of the National Curriculum and the vision and the individual contextual requirements of our school and children. We have assigned subject leaders for each curriculum area, who function as 'subject experts' and ensure that sequencing and progression through subjects is both challenging and logical. Through continuously monitoring the latest developments in terms of educational research and best-practice, our subject leaders have been able to create, adopt and adapt a range of interesting and exciting schemes of learning. 


We have designed and implemented knowledge organisers for every single unit, for every single subject, across the school. These outline the 'powerful knowledge' that children learn throughout each topic, in addition to defining the key vocabulary that children will be exposed to within each unit. The use of the knowledge organisers is embedded in a number of our day-to-day practices: Teachers utilise them in their planning, they are sent home to children and parents at the start of every term, children consult them throughout lessons, and leaders at the school employ them to assess the children's knowledge acquisition. This monitoring enables us to gauge what the children have securely remembered, and to plot timely interventions and tailored pathways to suit their individual needs.


The 'Debden Curriculum at a Glance' document below has been designed to provide a little more information about our approach and procedures across the curriculum disciplines. Furthermore, you can find attached a copy of our school curriculum overview, in addition to some examples of our knowledge organisers.

On the following pages, please find our subject specific policies, curriculum maps, and skills maps, providing a more in depth look at the intent, implementation and impact of our curriculum