Mrs Bailey is the subject leader for French, which is the modern foreign language (MFL) taught at Debden. 
Through the learning of French, we aim to foster our children’s curiosity about the world and other cultures. The children are introduced to basic vocabulary related to topics and themes. They also explore patterns and sounds of the language through songs and rhymes, linking spellings, sounds and meanings of words. As the children move through school, we intend for the children to become more confident and fluent with their speaking of French; engaging in conversation and expressing their thoughts and opinions. They also develop their ability to read and write words and simple sentences in French. By the time our children leave our school, they will be able to engage in longer conversations, understand spoken passages, read and understand longer written passages and write a short text for a range of purposes.
Please see the key documents below to gain a greater insight into how French is taught and developed at our school.