Our Subject Leader for Geography is Mrs Hatch.

At Debden, we have worked hard to design a Geography curriculum that engenders the excitement, creativity and critical thinking about the world that will equip young people to make their own way in it.  Our aim is to enable our children to develop an in-depth knowledge of the physical and human geography features of the world around them: from the big picture of the world, the continents and the oceans, down to the specific features of our own community and locality. At the same time, they develop vital skills that will aid them throughout their lives, for example learning how to read atlases, explore maps and find their way with compasses. 

We want the children to appreciate and respect the wonderful world and encourage stewardship of their surroundings. Through visits, trips, and field studies, we provide the children with a breadth of memorable experiences, to shape our pupils into curious and considerate global citizens: Geography at Debden extends far beyond the walls of the classroom! By the time our students leave us, they will be well-equipped with the skills and the knowledge to explore the world around them and have a greater understanding of their planet. 

Please see the key documents below to gain a greater insight into how Geography is taught and developed at our school.