Who's who

Teaching staff
Mrs Louise Gurney                        Head Teacher, French and Assessment
Mrs Joanne Fradd                         Deputy Head Teacher, Kingfishers Class, Maths, RE and Assessment
Mrs Sarah Bailey                           Frogs Class,SENCo
Mrs Lisa Murrell                             Minnows Class, Writing, GPS and PE
Mrs Rachel Hood                           Minnows Class, Frogs Class, Phonics, Reading and ICT
Mrs Hayley Green                          Early Years Leader, Ducklings Class, History and Art
Mrs Rebekah Auty                         Ducklings Class 
Teaching Support Staff
Maureen Hare - LSA and midday assistant
Elaine Cox - LSA and midday supervisor
Sarah Cameron - Early Years LSA
Kathy Dixon - SEN LSA and midday assistant
Sarah Clarke - SEN LSA and midday assistant
Sarah Wilkinson - LSA
Joy Wheeler - SEN LSA and midday assistant
Helen Burke-Scott - LSA and midday assistant
Laura Woodman - LSA and midday assistant
School office
Sally Dale/ Jo Arundell - Office Administrators
Other support staff
Donna Hannigan - Midday supervisor
Caterer - Jen Andrew
Catering Assistant - vacancy

T. 01799540302
E. admin@debden.essex.sch.uk