Welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Hello, my name is Russell.

I am Head Boy here at Debden Primary Academy. I enjoy a lot at Debden and I don’t know where to start! Well, how about how well we get along. I don’t see many arguments here and if there are any, the teachers are very responsible and will help out. We have recently improved our school meals and we are good at maths. At the moment we are trying to improve our English and I think it is working. We have a new climbing wall and an astro-turf pitch. If you want to come to this school please come and visit. Personally I think this school is the best.

Hello my name is Aaliyah and I am Head Girl . I love learning at Debden School and I think others do to. I enjoy doing English and writing stories. If you look around in school time then you might see me and Russell (who is head boy.) My job is to show parents around and if you have any questions then I answer them. Our school has improved massively since last year and with a little bit more improvement we can make Debden school a lot better. Also our school enjoys sports and we do a lot of tournaments like archery, dodgeball and football. We recently had an archery tournament and won gold and silver medals . We also had a girls football tournament and came 3rd . I hope  you come and visit Debden school soon and we look forward to seeing you .