Welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Hi. My name is Annabelle. I’m a pupil here at Debden Primary Academy, which, can I say is an amazing school! My favourite subjects are P.E, Art and Maths. I got chosen to be Head Girl not long ago and it has been great! I’ve really enjoyed making a display in our corridor of everything we have done for the school. It’s been an amazing experience so far!


Hi, I’m Isaac, I’m 11 and I’m Head Boy here at Debden Primary Academy. This school is brilliant and the stuff that we do here is different from any other school. I love being Head Boy and the opportunities are endless. I have led worship, talked to prospective parents and even help run fund raisers. But it is all fun. I hope to show you around.

T. 01799540302
E. admin@debden.essex.sch.uk