Staffing Structure

Teaching staff
Mr Matt Hawley - Head of School - Subject Leader of English, History, Geography, and MfL
Mr Gary Brown - Kingfishers Class - Subject Leader of Maths, Computing and DT
Mrs Sarah Bailey - Frogs Class - SENCO and Subject Leader of Science
Mrs Ali Weech - Minnows Class - Subject Leader of PSHE and Music
Miss Holly Matthews - Ducklings Class - Subject Leader of PE/Sport, EYFS Leader
Teaching Support Staff
Mrs Maureen Hare - LSA and midday assistant
Mrs Elaine Cox - LSA and midday supervisor
Ms Sarah Cameron - Early Years LSA
Mrs Kathy Dixon - SEN LSA, Learning Mentor and midday assistant
Mrs Catherine Pargeter - LSA and midday assistant
Mrs Melody Hayden - 1:1 LSA and midday assistant
Miss Abigail Brown - 1:1 LSA
Miss Laura Wicks - Intervention LSA
Miss Sarah Douglas - LSA
School office
Mrs Barbara Benn - MAT Business Manager
Mrs Sharon Dyster - MAT Office Manager
Mrs Sally Dale/ Mrs Jo Arundell - Office Administrators
Other support staff
Mrs Jen Andrew - Catering Manager
Mrs Allyson Harrison - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Donna Hannigan - Midday Assistant