Skip 2bfit Workshop

25th March 2019

On Monday 25th March we hosted a skipping workshop led by Skip2bfit.  Each class participated in a session led by the Skip2bfit instructor. The children were told to skip for two minutes and the rope would count the number of skips. The skipping was accompanied by a timed track, providing some music and time prompts to encourage and inform along the way. They would then rest before completing another two-minute skip. The idea of the second skip was to beat their ‘personal best’ the number of skips they achieved on their first attempt.

The focus was on each individual; fostering a sense of Growth Mindset, knowing that they could push themselves and achieve the next goal. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and we have seen many aspiring skipping experts since!

FODS have very generously funded a skipping kit bag containing 50 ropes, a DVD, a CD containing the skipping track as well as motivation charts to record success and certificates to reward achievement. Teachers will now use this twice a term to complete our own school Skip2bfit challenge.
Thank you to everyone who purchased a rope; the school have received 6 free ropes for lunchtimes as commission.

Mrs Murrell.