Minnow Animal Encounter

18th September 2018

Minnows had a visit from Ventura Wildlife this week in order to enhance our topic of 'Why can't a Meerkat live in the North Pole?'. We were fortunate enough to be able to meet seven different animals. These were a Lesser Tenrec from Madagascar, a Blue Tongued Skink from Indonesia, a Skunk from North America, a Tortoise from Europe, a hissing cockroach from Madagascar, a Rosie Boa from the Joshua Tree National Park in America and a Meerkat from Africa. We got to stroke and handle some of these.

Here is what some of Minnows had to say about the visit;

"On Tuesday we were visited by Ventura Wildlife Rangers. My favourite part was holding the giant hissing cockroach. My favourite animal was the Blue Tongued Skink. I found out that a Meerkat has special fur to keep it cold in the day and hot at night." George

"My favourite part was when I was shown the snake. The snake was called Rosie. My best animal was the Meerkat." Keira