Firefighter's Visit Minnows

1st July 2019

On Monday 1st July Minnows Class were fortunate enough to receive a visit from The Essex Fire Service in order to complement their topic work on The Great Fire of London. The education officer told them all about the fire in 1666 including when, where and how it started. They looked at fire-fighting equipment then and now and had the chance to play a fun game on the playground. The children recreated a scene from 1666, filling a bucket of water and passing it down a long line of children until it reached the fire. The child at the end then threw the bucket of water over the imaginary fire. Finally the children had the opportunity to wear a modern day firefighters helmet and find out some key facts about fire safety in modern times. Mrs Murrell was extremely proud of the children as the visitor commented on how knowledgeable they all were and how well behaved. Well done Minnows!